"Immigration" = Occupation

Let a female explain; and then maybe your anti-white prejudice will be stilled by her Beauty: 

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Hi!  Are you tired of being accused of "privilege," when the first time you've ever even heard of the concept was probably from somebody who was just trying to make you feel guilty for being White?

In case you were wondering, there is a strategy behind this: see, after years of race-baiting, reparations-prepping and civilization-exploiting, nonwhites have figured-out that merely by leveling accusations of racism at you, they can then extract resources from your wallet.  It's that simple!  "White-guilt" is nothing more than a psychological-tactic designed to redistribute resources from you, to them; and for what?  For being BORN?  ... not anymore, Hombre.

We're tired of apologizing for who we are, what we are, and (yes) how we were born.  The obstacles currently confronting the conception, rearing and procreation of a White child are formidable enough, as it is; and make no mistake about it: this is by design:

Abortion; Ethnomasochism; Gender-dysphoria (gone inexplicably-mainstream); Emasculation; Miscegenation; PUBERTY-BLOCKERS! (Don't even get me started...); Displacement/Forced-integration (precipitating gang-violence, nonwhite Hate-crimes, European Migrant-Crises, etc.); Feminism (hijacked by Marxists, in order to pit White Women against their men - and not to mention, their crucial role as the mothers of said Children... Hmm)

The powers that be know that once we're out of the picture, they'll be free to exploit the third-world (and its peripherals) to their fullest possible extent.  It is only by preservation of the White Race - and its Civilization - that Humanity as a whole may still stand to benefit from the Liberalism that we, ultimately, invented!

Without us, there IS no "Democracy."  There is no suffrage, and there certainly isn't individual-autonomy and Universal National-Sovereignty...  In-short, if you want to get rid of White People, you're going to have to kill the institutions which have made us stewards of the unprecedented prosperity which we have enjoyed... and, which is precisely what is happening.  It's called White-Genocide, and not only is it real, but it's not without historical-precedent, either; more on that, as you peruse the pages.

Do with your "civilizations," as you will; it's time for non-Whites, to be prohibited from hijacking our own.  White People deserve a place to call "Home," as much as any other race on this planet.  And if you're so interested in preserving "Diversity," then perhaps you should take a look at what phenotypic-impacts miscegenation really has on those irreplaceable traits, which make us the unique, inimitable, and frankly most-diverse race on Earth.

The Turing-Test:

See if you can tell, whether or not you're supposed to agree with this person:

I’m not doing this for the money; but I’ll take it.

Your contributions are going toward helping us to build an international-front, against the internationalist-agenda.  The only way they'll succeed, is through our worldwide-capitulation; the only way WE'LL succeed, is through a worldwide-organization.  THIS, is it.  It's time we took-back our Diversity:

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We are working to create a Community free of Censorship and Thought-crime in which to openly Dissent

For too-long, our people have been coerced into bowing before a systematic extermination of our own values, principles and heritage - all in the name of ABSOLUTE-subjugation to every single Alien influence designed to undermine the very freedoms which would give them the power to do so: otherwise, known as "TOLERANCE."

Enough is enough! It's time to stand-up for what WE believe-in, for a change: OURSELVES.